My Orchestral music and compositions


This is the right place if you would like to hear examples of orchestral works and compositions for film an other occasions from me.


Sit back and enjoy some samples and videos


A last friend

This is a composition of an image that asks the question of honor and friendship.

Letter from the past

I imagined what it would be like to find a letter from a loved one from the past. Time stops and the words become living in the memory.


The cat that thoughed it was a dog!


Imagine a small cat strutting around like a big, powerful dog while no one is watching♥


What is left to say ...


... from the video "Tip 49 for composers".

The used flute is the Indian Summer Flute


Thoughts of a wizard

A wizard who looks thoughtfully over a vast landscape ...


Hope - is a composition for an audio book that I have not published yet.


Witch's walk


A way a witch could walk ... better you don't get in her way:)

Tip 49 for composers ...





This new page will be continued ... thank you for listening!


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